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Get online with ease - digital creator for funnels, web and graphics
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Let´s get your message out there so you can
help others and make the world a better

The world needs you!

Get online with ease - virtual assistant

Leave confusion & overwhelm to me so you can
focus on what makes your heart sing! 

I help heartcentered entrepreneurs, whom are overwhelmed by tech/design/time/ideas, to get visible online so they can share their message in an automated way and create a business they love!

Sounds like you? Well, Universe has your back!

Let´s chat about your dreams, what you want and need help with, and I will help you create it so you can focus on yourself, your family or other core business "to-dos"... 

Let´s chat and start our journey to make all things possible!


There are so many things to do and think about as an entreprenur. It is easy to get stressed and overwhelmed. If you are anything like me, you also have sooo many ideas that never get out of your head and out into the world. But if it is important enough, you will get the help you need and take your business to the next level.

It doesn't matter if you are a new business owner or been in business for years, there is always a next step.

What is yours?

I focus on online presence, to get you online with ease so you can help more people and sell more by potentially creating a passive income. I´ll help you create a business you love, feel proud of and also give you more time to spend with yourself or with loved ones! 

So, what are your needs?

Need a website
Virtuell assistent


Stop struggling with what you don't love to do, focus on your core business! I help you create a website you love and are proud of. A site were you show who you are, how you can help and what you have to offer the world! 

This should be a place where you generate leads and turn visitors into buying customers. Depending where you are on your own journey, you can take one step at the time, and a website is a great way to start and then keep on with funnels and offers in your next step...

Säljtunnel / need a funnel / e-postlista / e-postmarknadsföring


Need a funnel to get followers on your e-maillist with a free gift that your ideal client will love? Or do you need a salesfunnel to help your customers by providing your knowledge? All in an automated way?

If you know you want and understand the importance of this strategy, you probably thought this through and have ideas about what your free gift should be and what to sell - yay!!

Let´s chat about this and how we can make it happen.

Digital offers and passive income / passiva inkomster genom digitala erbjudanden


Ok, what kind of offer do you want to present to your ideal customer? A course, coachingprogram, membershipsite or other ideas? There is a lot to do when creating such an offer to sell. If you concentrate on the content, I create the framework, the funnel aka landingpage, salespage, graphics and the e-mails. I´m sure I didn´t get all of it in there and you might want to create some of it yourself. It is up to you!  Let´s chat about your needs. 

Help with graphics / hjälp med grafiska bilder / grafiskt material


Need a graphic profile/moodboard to build your brand with ease? Let´s get clear once and for all! 

But that is not all we need when it comes to graphics.


There are pleanty of graphics for our business, just look att the ones I´ve got here on my website. Mayby you need a logo, a workbook for your clients, a freebe with a PDF-checklist, an e-book, a presentation, thumbnails, Instagram story highlight covers, carousels, reels, banners and FB event covers. The list is endless... 

Digital creator - online with ease

Hello there

My name is Erica!

I love to help those of you who are overwhelmed by tech/design/time and ideas, to get your message out there in an automated way and create a business you love. This means that I help you with your (current or new) website, funnels, course creation or to start selling live workshops, digital products or coaching packages. Only the sky is the limit! 


I´m sure you know what your dreams are and who and how you are here to serve, right? But if you are confused about all the tech and overwhelmed about how to put it all together, I am here to help <3 


It was on my own journey to sell my coaching, workshops and digital products online that I realized that my inner GPS told me that this is what I love. I love to create, and I love to figure things out in the online world - and that is now

why I´m here!

Let´s connect and start our journey together... /Erica Edmer

Erica Edmer - digital creator
Let me help you

so you can spend your time with ease...

Get help with online presence / synas online


Imagine taking your kids to the playground, going on a picknick or to the beach for a whole day with friends! Or hiking with your partner to the most beautiful place and being present every moment and just feel at ease knowing that everything is taken care of.

I will do my very best to help 


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