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I´m glad you are here exploring and I hope you find that I just might be your "go-to-person"! I totally love working with webdesign, graphics, stock photos and conecting the dots. If you like what you see, here I am. I´m very versatile and I like the technical and strategical part of an online business, finding new things and creating in generall. 

Don´t hesitate to connect!

I started exploring the online world 10 years ago and was all set to be a life coach. I learned from one of the best, Jack Canfield, and I´m certified to teach the success principles that is totally life changing. So in that process I built my website, my freebe wich was an e-book with tips and started my email-list. I also built a free 10 day course and a course called "Light your spark". But then life got in between and after soulsearching and looking within I realised that my spark comes from creating.

The coach in me remembered Jacks teaching about "your inner GPS" so I had to follow it. And here I am. 

A few websites and funnels later and creating reels and social media graphics for others I think this might be my thing.

I live with my husband and two kids, well young adults, in the middle of Sweden, so my native language is swedish but I´d say my english is rather good :) Love nature, meditating, creating, everything that is made of chocolate, sparkling wine and reading. Self-care and my morning routine is important parts in my life next to friends and family of course.

Love creating and to help heartcentered  business owners
Jack Canfield Certified trainer becoming digital creator

My mission

I want to see the women of the world flourish and reach out with their message so they can help all the thousands of people who need them... because I know we heart-centered women are needed in this world more than ever. Getting life and business go together requires collaboration. That's why I'm here; to help you move forward on your journey to serve your customers so you can make a difference in the world around you, just by being yourself and offering the world your gifts! How can I help?

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