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“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within..”
Maya Angelou

Need mockups


I love to see when beautiful photos, colors and graphics come together in a way that make your heart sing. But it is not always easy!


There are so many different types of graphics one need when being an entrepreneur, and if you are working solo it is hard to keep up if you don´t loooove designing.


So in what area of your business do you need graphics? 

Are you happy about the generall look and feel of your business and need some help creating graphics based on your current branding? Or are you looking to adjust, re-brand or working from scratch and need some help? 

Either way I´m here to help. Let me know how!


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Behöver en grafisk profil
Grafiskt material för företag


What your investment for graphics will be totally depends on what you want and need! Also if you already have a graphic profile or not. It needs to be clear for me what feelings you want people to feel, because that is what a brand do.

I´m not a graphic designer but I can put together "simple" graphics like the ones you se here on my website. If you don´t have a a clear brand and graphic profile - let´s get you one! 

Investment for a graphic profile is 5000 SEK (excluding VAT 25 %).

Includes a moodboard, fonts and colors with a hexcode. Also a few examples of social media posts. 

Let us chat about your needs and I will send you a price when I´ve seen the whole picture!

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Sociala medier mockups
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